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Bill's Appliance Repair Ohio

Samsung ASC. Warranty and Non Warranty Service
Servicing all Home Appliances. 419-610-1920


Get out and enjoy the weather

Have Fun!

Get your appliances cleaned and checked.

With the warm weather your Home will be closed up again if you have A/C.

It's also the time of year when you open windows and doors, allowing that fresh air in. With kids and pets running in and out you get a lot of dust, dirt. and pet hair.

 Your refrigerator heat exchanger coil, which is located either under the bottom of the refrigerator or in the back, new ones are behind a panel in the back so usually you cant get in and clean them. This can lead to poor cooling and major compressor failure. 

Replacing a compressor is a major expense. Which can cost as much as a low cost refrigerator. So get them checked and clean Now, not when it quits!

With the warm weather people will be traveling more. Please do not leave Stoves dryers and other appliances on that could cause fires.  

Dryers, Stoves, Refrigerators build up dirt this can cause over heating and fires, Get them Checked and cleaned.

As a member of the "American Red Cross Disaster Response Team", 

I see first hand what fires can do even if its a minor fire it can disrupt your life for days or months displacing you from your home. So be safe and if you rent, " Please get Renters insurance" for as little as $10 a month you can provide a peace of mind knowing you will be able to replace your things lost in a disaster including finding a place to stay permanent or temporarily

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Samsung Authorized Service Center

Need Warranty Service on your Samsung Home Appliances no need to contact Samsung Service Center. Call me or email me I can summit your ticket for you.
No need to deal with someone you can't understand from a call center in another country. 
Give me a call! 



Serving North Central Ohio

Need Warranty Service on your LG Home Appliances no need to contact LG Service Center. Call me or email me I can summit your ticket for you.
Give me a call!

Small and Major Home Appliance Repair

Servicing Mansfield and North Central Ohio including all of Richland, Ashland, Crawford, Morrow, and parts of Marion, Wayne, Medina, Huron, and Knox counties. I will travel to other areas for an additional travel fee. Call for quote. 

Bills Appliance Repair Oh is a Safe Contracting Participant of

A service company of PlusOne Solutions.
You can check out my Sceening for background checks, drug screenings and driving record. 
If the Link doesnt bring up information enter my ID number on the page.  C1-CHAP06-28A8482

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An Appliance that no one thinks about is your dryer!

Cloths too wet taking to long to dry or cutting on and off?

1. Clean the "Lint Trap". 
2. Try removing lint screen and cleaning with soap and rinsing with hot water, use brush to remove any residue on screen. Dryer sheets leave a film and plug the screen preventing air from flowing through the dryer. 

Get it serviced and cleaned every year. Spring is the best time when your thinking about Spring Cleaning.  
So much lint and dirt collects inside that it can become a fire hazard and lead to failure of the heating element or motor.

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I accept all forms of payments: Checks, Cash and Credit Cards and PayPal

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I'm a  Proud U. S.  Navy Veteran  1971-1975

Hire a Vet. It's a choice you won't regret.